Cana Piemonte LEMON flower

THC <0,5%

CBD 12%

REA: NO_2444407

Batch Analysis: 19CL327.03

Produced in compliance with Law 2/12/2016 n.242.
Not suitable for human consumption, only for research and development or technical use.
No response to the product once the packaging has been opened or damaged.
Keep in a cool place.
No dopant effect.

analysis certificate

Consult the analysis certificate of this product, you will find out the exact values of CBDA, CBD, CBN, d9-THC and THCA. The analyses were carried out by the chemical-toxicological analysis of the University of Milan - Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

StoryTelling Product

Discover the total Supply Chain...

In this section you can retrace the chain of this product from the final seller to the origins: the seed. You will find out which companies have participated in the supply chain!

-the Grower-


Purchasing plants date: 01 May 2019
Q.ty: 150 plants
SellerSocietà Agricola Piantadoro via G. Minzoni, 3 Villanova sull’Arda (PC) Cod. Fisc. e Partita IVA 01760800332 REA PC 189277
Start growing: 01 May 2019
Harvest: 15 Set 2019
Flowers produced: 8.000 g

Canapiemonte deals with the cultivation and sale of legal hemp inflorescences. Based in Novara

Cannabis Light. What’s that?

Cannabis Light is not just a pastime or a new board game. Cannabis Light is legal if it has THC below 0.2% and is allowed to fluctuate up to 0.6%. In fact, it is known that the Sativa genetics from which Light is derived have been obtained using innovative agronomic methods based on careful botanical studies that have involved a lot of international research over almost twenty years with extensive ‘field’ experimentation. In this way it has been possible to give rise to varieties so weakened in terms of their effects on the psyche that they can no longer be considered narcotics. Although it is not cannabis itself that is banned, but the presence of the psychotropic substance THC (AKA Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

We can rest assured, it’s not illegal, it’s not just fashion, it’s not word-of-mouth to feed the chatter, but then, what is it? The answer is not unambiguous, but we will try to give one that tries to explain the value of this good, that is not associated with illegality.

-the Seed Importing Farm-

Società Agricola Piantadoro

via G. Minzoni, 3 Villanova sull'Arda (PC) Cod. Fisc. e Partita IVA 01760800332
REA PC 189277

Purchasing seeds date: 12 Set 2018
Sowing start: 15 Apr 2019
Harvest date: 30 Apr 2019
Sell to: Canapiemonte 
on: 01 May 2019
Q.ty: 150 plants
Batch: 19CL327.03

-Seed Producer Farm-

The flower comes from seeds produced by a Hungarian company authorized by the National Food Chain Safety Office of Hungary.

Plant species: Cannabis Sativa L. 

Harvest: 08 Aug 2018
Packed: 09 Aug 2018
Exported to: Italy
on: 12 Set 2018
Buyer: Società Agricola Piantadoro via G. Minzoni, 3 Villanova sull’Arda (PC) Cod. Fisc. e Partita IVA 01760800332 REA PC 189277

seed card

consult the original seed certification!