How does it work?

Benefits for producers

Prove that your hemp meets all the regulations in a careful way, from the seed to the sale with only one click.

With SativaChain you get a digital passport that have all the key information of your products.

Keep your business safe even if there is a legal uncertainty.

You are able to upload the information by yourself, from your smartphone or computer. Insert tag, origin, process, certificates. etc. They are all available to be seen.

Benefits for Wholesalers and Re-sellers

Get an absolute confidence of what you sell: product quality, certificates, everything is completely transparent and at your fingertips.

With the smartphone that supports NFC you can get the whole history of the product, from seed to sale, showing it to customers and control authorities.

Build even more trust in the products, your supplier and with your customers.

Benefits for a customer

We guarantee authenticity of the origin, quality and certificates.

We work with all – textile, industrial, therapeutic and light hemp.

Benefits for the Control Authorities

Easier and shorter controls.

Read all product documentation everywhere thanks to NFC technology. 

Verify agreement with the specifications and laboratory analyzes. Evaluate certificates and percentages of THC and CBD in the products within the law limits.

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